Ten++ Ways To Make Money As A Developer By Florin Pop

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Recently Florin Pop released an ebook called “Ten++ Ways to Make Money as a Developer” , which got my curiosity because having a side hustle Is an objective of mine but at the same I didn't know how to start building one, so I got the ebook an uploaded it to a Kobo.

I read it in a few days, the ebook itself Its relatively small but filled with knowledge in all the aspects of the ten ways.Each chapter is well structured to be objective and clear and each with some examples for you to put in practice.

This is a good basic step into building something bigger, If you have a full-time job like me you maybe you'll go for a simple blog at first and grow with that.I started by uploading photos of my desktop and describing what I was up to on Instagram.

I also tried more things that didn't took off as I was expecting, maybe because I didn't had a guide like this before, now let's see how my Journey unfolds with the help of this book.

Right now I'm building a blog on my personal website using this book as my first post, have a newsletter and maybe try some live coding. All of this to say that if you're thinking of getting a side hustle and you feel lost in where to start maybe consider getting this book here and follow Florin Pop as well.

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